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02 6766 6188.

24/7 Response Team

The fully qualified team at North West Locksmiths offer immediate emergency response 24 hours a day.  

FREE Security Check

Let us complete a comprehensive survey of your home and identify any vulnerabilities. Our experienced team can advise you how to improve your security with the latest in locksmith products backed by a local, dependable service team.

Key Cutting Service

For all your lock and key needs visit us at 218 Marius Street. Out team of qualified locksmiths operate the latest machinery.

New Feature Product

Test feature product info here

Simplify Your Life

North West Locksmiths offers fully Integrated Home Security Systems with 1 key convenience! This is easy for new buildings, all the doors, windows and even the garage can be operated with one key!
For existing buildings it will depend on the construction of the windows and doors, but we are only talking two to three keys per house.